14. independant driver

Well, Topsy has some more flowers on - but no pictures yet as next week there will be some more!

The first week of driving by myself has been great, very scary, but good fun. Belle has even been dropped off at school without being embarrassed, but Babz hasn't asked for a lift to her school yet....
I've driven up Weardale again, with Rog and Frank, and it's fantastic now Roger can get drunk, he's far less grumpy about the whole Topsy experience...
And me and me mates can go out anywhere for a cup of coffee, and have a much better view than the one from the local cafe.
I've checked my tyre pressures, and got a new spare wheel
A word of warning to my friends though - I don't think I'm going to stop being obsessed by Topsy, so if I drone on too much about vw's, just tell me to shut the fluff up!!
Anyway, more pictures next week, if I can fit it in between all the driving!

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