18. topsy gets arrested - nearly! (from oct 07)

I forgot to mention that Topsy got pulled over by the police the other week, late one night coming back from Newcastle, at about 11 in the evening, the three girls had been to a McFly concert for Barbara's birthday, and I'd already driven round for ten mins without me headlights off. The poor tired over excited girls were wrapped up in sleeping bags and blankets, shivering and I was wrapped in my coat equally shivering!

Uneventful journey back to almost Aycliffe (better than the way there following me mate who drove very quickly, had Topsy on two wheels on a roundabout, I'll not do that again!), when I thought the lights had gone to green so I turned right into Aycliffe, ahh nearly home... then the flashing blue lights appeared behind me, so I pulled to the left to let them pass, but they stayed behind me, eek!. Slowed to a stop and wound me window down, the conversation went as follows...
policeman - You've just done what I've done twice
me - what did I do twice
policeman - no, i did it twice you did it once
me - oh, what've I done once?
policeman - ran a red light
me - no no no, it was green! (starting to look panicked now!)
policeman - no it was red
me - (speechless)
policeman - it was green for straight on red for turning right (which I had)
me - (cue a couple of tears) oh no, what's gonna happen, I've only just passed my test, I thought it was green, I'm sorry (now in flood of tears)
policeman - (smiling) well, what's gonna happen now is you're gonna drive home carefully and not make that mistake again!
me - thank you orrifacer!

I then set off and reached 40 mph before I realised it was a 30 zone, oops, but he just overtook me and wagged his finger, so thanks to Aycliiffe police, as ever friendly and forgiving! And ever since then I always get a little wave when he passes, ahh.

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