33. topsy's interior almost finished!

thought you might like to see what we've done to Topsy over the last year or so, mostly interior, gonna attempt to deal with the outside rusty bits over winter and next spring... Thanks to everyone who's helped do the things I can't do, like mechanics (ray, from northern classics and campers, (see topsy's web links on left)) and electrics (my mate sean and my better half Rog), and welding (Mel). She's now a fully equipped 6 seater camper, perfect for taking us, the kids and many of their friends for days out and weekends away. Had some welding done after a minor incident (dent being the right word) with a lamppost and also new battery tray made and welded in. Leisure battery installed & inverter. LED lighting installed - runs off the leisure battery. Hook up kit in and working! New speakers but old radio in and working - at last, journeys were quite lonely! 2nd hand exhaust after Topsy blew a foot long hole in hers going up Hartside pass Insulation in (thermawrap i think, the silver bubbly stuff). Rear seats upholstered. Cupboards (under seats, kitchen and roof locker) built, installed and upholstered. Door cards, kick cards, side wall cards re-made and upholstered Lino floor down, nice sparkly black one. Curtains and net curtains made and hung. Cab headlining (well, my version anyway - painted the cab roof to save the job of removing windscreen). New stove with grill in and working (I'm always amazed when things work) Various other little jobs too, but here's the latest photo's of how she looks now.....

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