38. topsy's troubles

Well, it's been a couple of months since any big adventures, mostly due to me working too much over Christmas and new year.... but Topsy has also had to have her starter motor repaired - thanks to Wayne for doing the job though, I struggled for an hour and a half to get the starter motor off the van, Wayne did the job in two and a half minutes!!! He also took the van away the next day and replaced the bushes, what a very nice man!
Unfortunately Topsy is still the target of the aycliffe vandals, all her tyres were let down the other morning, yet they aren't punctured - and the vandals replaced the dust caps - very very strange! rather annoying though as it takes ages to blow them up with the plug in pump thing!
Plans for this years adventures are going well though, we're looking into going whale watching up in bonny scotchland, and trying to organise a joint camping trip with the kids mates families.... ..... for now though we're just pleased Topsy is still running well and getting us and the dog out for a few local day trips....

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