22. Topsy's first vw show!

Last Tuesday we took Topsy over to Sedgefield village show and had a great time! The girls (Babs, Belle and Paris) had a fab time spending most of my cash on tacky stalls and inflatable death slides, whilst me and Rog enjoyed a pint or two (J2o for me) after looking at all the classic cars, we especially loved seeing the tractors!!

Some of the north east vw club were there, along with Durham Dubbers, we all liked seeing how posh their vehicles looked compared to Topsy.

We didn't take any pictures but Topsy managed to shunt her way into some of the snaps taken by both vw clubs, but the overall fave was the little front opening yellow bubble car, I want two!Only a small oil leak ...

The star of the show for us!

See Topsy's nose!
See Topsy's rear!And again!!

Durham Dubbers...

North East VW club

Now we're looking forward to some more time off work to attend a few more events!!

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