24. topsy goes cruising with nevw!

Topsy joined the north east vw club on a cruise from Boro to Saltburn on tuesday night, it was a laugh! Between me and Mandy and her daughter Tanisha, we managed to find the meeting point about 3 mins before they all set off, then we lost them at the traffic lights, but the nice vw driver behind me helpfully indicated early for every junction so I'd know where to go! Thanks!!

I've never driven in a convoy before and I've got to say it's fab! Most other drivers we passed looked delighted to see such a crew of old cars and vans, we felt like we were in the Italian job! (wrong make of cars and less explosions but just as thrilling!). We didn't cruise home with them though, we got a bit separated in Saltburn, and then we realised we were on the road home, so home we went... bit of a late night for a 9 yr old though, we got back at around 11 thanks to "quick" visit to Tesco

I forgot me camera but I've shamelessly poached these photo's from the nevw club website!

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